Our Customers

We first learned programming in the late seventies using a card and a pencil we later where able to save information on 2″ inch reel to reel machines. This gave us an in depth understanding of the power of data.

We have been working with the internet since the mid-nineties and then with social media in the early naughties with my space, Yahoo and Hotmail messenger and other platforms which have since died or been amalgamated into larger companies.

Our early work included websites for Sir Gerald Howarth, television companies, Malaysian motor teams, events and many others.

This taught us that an internet presence is no different from a high street presence and that hard work, intelligence, wit and a bit of luck are required to find the road to success.

You must remember this:

  • Something exclusive or interesting you will only be successful if people see it.
  • The internet success stories are in the minority.
  • It may take year to be successful.
  • A technically advance or expensive site is no guarantee of success.

Over the years, we have developed many fully integrated systems which included databases, accounts packages, sales and ERPs.

Some of the people we have work for: